Coffee Shops in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach coffee shops

1014 Atlantic Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 428-6141

Excellent cappuccino, espresso, latte, iced coffee/mochachino etc & even basic Americano style. $2-5. Friendly fast service. Nice interior, clean, seating. Great background music. Krispy Kreme Donuts, Retail/ juices, cookies, breakfast sandwiches, Pasteries. Very friendly conversational locals commiserating up front- happy to chat w tourists.

Convenient, small knick knack shop with really really bad mocha. It tasted like warmed up milk. The customer service was great though. The store had a bit of everything, like ice cream in a cooler, candy, and breakfast bars.

I really love this family owed coffee shop. It's a coffee joint with a few cute little things for sale. Coffee is good, close to the oceanfront. Two thumbs up!

We stopped in a couple of times this week after our morning workout. I enjoyed the iced coffee with SF hazelnut and my BF had a vanilla shake and hot breakfast sandwich. All were delicious. Service was prompt and courteous. I loved the stylish setting sitting inside among the gift shop while watching pedestrian traffic through the window.

Love this place! They have the best iced coffees and lattes ever. Today I'm having a banana and marshmallow iced latte. Yum!

This is a great find, amidst a dearth of good coffee shops in the area. A very good coffee and pleasant barista. Temperatures are cited in metric, the European way, and the barista we had knew how Europeans like their coffee, which was good for us.

I was looking for a good place to sit outside and enjoy the day with a cup of coffee, and found Beach Coffee. The place is a bit small, but the coffee and iced tea was very good, and I sat outside for a bit. It is not in an area where you can see the beach or the ocean, but it is a nice place all the same. I will go back if I am in the area again.

The little cafe is cutely decorated with beach and coffee motifs. A pleasant atmosphere, indoor and outdoor seating not big enough for friend dates. Not the right ambiance for a coffee date in general. The food is good, cant go wrong with the quiche or a bagel. They keep it simple and fresh. The coffee though I have tried there coffee on three seperate occasions and it is always the same. Weak watery or extra milky, I taste no flavor. The coffee menu needs to be updated, the barista didnt know half the drinks they had. Same girl twice!! I really want to give them another chance, hoping they come up with some solid recipes. Tried the caramel (frapp), toffee and kona (its powder flavor not real kona as i was told)

Went this morning with my daughter because I wanted something more than the hotel regular coffee. The coffee we got was great. I got a white chocolate mocha and it was better than Starbucks. The service was awesome. I love the gift shop as well. Definitly worth a second visit.

Great local coffee shop for iced Americanos on a hot beach morning. I like strong espresso and they have it. Friendly knock-knack shop feel for when on holiday.

Good place for coffee on the beach. Nice little Shop with coffee, espressos and shakes. Also a gift shop with some funny coffee quotes. A nice alternative to the big franchises. It has that beach feel. Yes you will pay for it but good coffee is always worth it, if you ask me!

Stopped in a couple weekends ago for a quick bite. It's located around 11th St across the street from the ocean. I asked for an iced coffee and received a hot coffee. Not the worst thing in the world but the lady behind the counter made it into an iced drink that wasn't an iced drink for too long. They serve Krispy Kreme donuts so I had to pick up a raspberry one. I also grabbed a sausage breakfast sandwich. It's a convenient spot by location but the set up is a little busy..

This place is not Starbucks but the coffee is just what the doctor ordered... They also offer breakfast sandwiches and some pastries.

Iced coffee wasn't great, but it also wasn't overly expensive. Also got a smoothie which was pretty good. Quick service. A few seats indoors and outdoors.

We took an evening stroll and found this place. The ice cream cones are very good and as I recall there were about 10 favors from which to choose. My son got a couple Krispy Kreme doughnuts instead of ice cream. There aren't many coffee shops along this stretch of the beach and this place seems to be the best. Highly recommend!

My husband and I stopped in here for frappes and we would not recommend this place or return. They only serve them in the large size for $5.95 - even more expensive than Starbucks, and there was almost no coffee in the beverage. It tasted like a milkshake with mostly crushed ice, and was absolutely the worst "coffee" drink either of us had ever tasted. I'm all for mom and pop shops, but this place was a complete disappointment. In addition to the awful, overpriced beverages we received, the woman serving us was not at all pleasant. If you need coffee, go anywhere else!

Coffee was great! Chai was okay. Staff has a sense of humor but language barrier made her less helpful in ordering the perfect drink.

The wife and I went here over the weekend before heading home back to RVA I ordered a regular Café Mocha and the wife got a Pumpkin Spice Latte Ambiance: Small, dark and cozy - minimal seating but nice enough in there Service: Service was good - wasn't a whole lot to go on really, we just placed our order and that was about it. The girl was patient and helpful. Product: My mocha was just okay and the Pumpkin Spice was god awful. It literally tasted like someone just steeped old pumpkin in some hot water and put some whipped topping on top I would not go back for any particular reason but I would probably pop in just for a cup of joe at the very least.

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