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4328 Holland Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
(757) 463-3912

Puppyville is a pet store, groomer and pet supply store all in one. As you may have inferred by the name, they specialize in puppies and now that I think about it, I think they only sell puppies. So if you're looking for a kitty, gerbil or other animal friend, you might want to walk a few doors down to Animal Jungle. The grooming area was nice and comfy for both pets and owners. There's a nice big screen television and puffy couches to lounge on while your pooch gets pampered. You can peek at your pup through the large windows and watch as he is carefully groomed. There's tons of necessities and fun things for your pet, but they are a little pricier than your local Wal-mart.

We've owned this puppy from Puppyville for 2 weeks now and have racked up vet bills to the tune of $1800. Matter of fact, sir flaps a lot is currently at the 24 hour emergency vet getting his nutrition through an IV and hooked up to oxygen. He's also lost 1 pound in the past week. I am not pleased. Yes, we signed waiver upon waiver accepting responsibility, but that's a cop out. FACT: we were sold a sick puppy and have been nursing him for 2 weeks. FACT: this puppy may die He came home with an upper respiratory infection and is now suffering from pneumonia and fluid in his lungs. I am rescinding my 3 stars. If I could give them NO stars, i would, but alas, one is as low as I can go.

I bought a beautiful dog from here several months ago. I was told they only came from small breeders and I really wish I had done more research. Puppyville gets their dogs from Hunte, as is stated on my paperwork from them. Hunte "where puppies come first" are as they call themselves "The worlds largest supplier of quality puppies." They broker nearly 100, 000 puppies a year. Their goodman location alone has over 36k of those puppies. So how can you tell me this is a small breeder you're getting puppies from? The broker you received this dog from is not a real breeder. He is the "breeder" on papers so you can continue saying it's from a small breeder. He's just enabling the harsh conditions and the wire cages these dogs will live, breed, and die in and so are you.

I visited the store with efforts to seek a companion pet. The store is nice, generally clean, seems like there are more pet items available than PetSmart, I unfortunately left without even seeing a puppy. I had asked to see one, spoke to Trent, guy with brown hair and birthmark on his face, without discussing any of my finances AT ALL, Trent said I wouldn't want to see him because the puppy would be too much money! This made me feel awful. I have never had anyone make me feel that MY DOLLAR wasn't as good as anyone else's.. Anyway I needed up going with a very nice local breeder which is probably safest anyway.. This way I know the puppy doesn't come from a puppy mill.. Not to say that puppy mill dogs are bad as it is not their fault, but safer to buy from a breeder .. And one who will take my money at that..

It's pet store is AMAZING! The staff is so helpful and friendly ! They are also extremely knowledgable about the breeds of dogs they have and you can see that they truely care about their animals. 2 of our dogs came from there and we couldn't be happier :) they also have a GREAT selection of toys, treats, food and accessories :)

People, Please WAKE UP! The dogs that are sold in this store and any other pet shop are typically from puppy mills. If not from a puppy mill they are from a non ethical breeder that is strictly in it for the money. THe staff at this place reassures their dogs are not from puppy mills because they are from USDA certified breeders. This means absolutely nothing. Do your research and avoid this place at all costs.

Please NEVER purchase a puppy from puppyville. I purchased a Yorkshire terrier puppy there 9 months ago and it has been a very difficult road for our little puppy. Two days after we took her home from puppyville she was diagnosed with kennel cough and ear mites. About 8 months later our puppy started limping on her hind leg. She was soon after diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease (a hereditary disease) and ended up needing a surgery that cost over $2000. The breeder of this puppy should never be aloud to breed dogs again. Puppyville sells unhealthy, puppy mill dogs. Do not give them the business. Get your dog from a reputable breeder. The puppy's at puppyville look adorable on the outside but they are unhealthy and will end up costing you a fortune. To see my little puppy be in so much pain and go through all of these health issues has caused me so much heartache.

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