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Parkway Shopping Center Virginia Beach

Developing is dancing on a shopping mall in the pipeline around the conservation of a historical home, 2 yrs after it was authorized.

Hickman Put, at spot of General Booth Boulevard and Nimmo Parkway, will be anchored by a grocery store, according to paperwork recorded with the city’s planning division. The developer’s lawyer declined to provide the store’s title.

After the remaining development is ready to be built, the historic Hickman home are relocated to its brand-new area in the 12-acre site.

Lawyers for designer Michael Sifen requested the planning percentage Feb. 8 to produce small changes towards development plan to give the anchor tenant even more room.

The store use 45, 600 sqft of room instead of 32, 000 sqft, according to paperwork filed aided by the town.

It won’t replace the total amount of retail space, that'll be 93, 351 square feet.

Progress regarding total development is a great thing, stated historic conservation planner Mark Reed. In 2014, the city’s historic conservation fee had issues about going home. Today, the group is just happy home won’t be demolished, Reed stated.

“Their main concern was that’s nothing occurring regarding the home, ” he said.

The supermarket will undoubtedly be into the northeast spot of development, across a parking area from the relocated Hickman home. Home would be moved to the northwest corner of the development website once building starts during the site, attorney Eddie Bourdon stated.

The Hickman home ended up being built around 1832 and was an inn for travelers with a tavern downstairs. Once Hickman destination is finished, the two-story building may have some kind of food business, like a coffee or sandwich store, and office space, Bourdon said.

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