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norf-7-eleven-looting-videoNORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Christina Sheldon says she saw a large group of juveniles walk calmly across East Virginia Beach Boulevard right before authorities state they stormed into a 7-Eleven and went away with stolen merchandise.

About 20 juveniles are thought to be active in the Halloween night incident, in accordance with Norfolk police.

Jo-ann Hughes, public information officer, states detectives are now reviewing in-store surveillance hoping of pinpointing any suspects.

Sheldon began tracking on her behalf mobile phone whenever she saw things getting away from control within the store, located during the corner of East Virginia seashore and Ballentine Boulevards.

Authorities say about $300 in product had been taken.

“It took place truly rapidly, ” stated Sheldon, which claims the youngsters were wearing black and many were putting on masks. “They got to the front associated with the door and additionally they types of ran in and kind of scattered. I saw a couple attempting to scare the individuals behind the counter.”

Sheldon states after bum-rushing the store, a number of the suspects tossed products at windows.

“whenever you’re a kid, you don’t look at the severity of what you yourself are doing, ” she stated.

Clients who saw the video Tuesday outside of the store expressed their particular issue for innocent staff members and consumers.

“It’s terrible, ” said Ashlynn Cannon. “It’s Halloween. It’s allowed to be fun, perhaps not disruptive … Little children has been within.”

a supervisor during the 7-Eleven, whom identified herself as Cindy, will never share the surveillance movie from the store. sent a contact to 7-Eleven business headquarters Tuesday mid-day and we’re nonetheless waiting to have an answer.

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