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Guitar Store in Virginia Beach

Chris Kemp is training music since 1985. He's got been teaching Guitar, Bass, Voice, and Songwriting regular at Alpha musical since 1998. Chris had students waiting number for a decade. A lot of his students are now actually expert artists, tracking artist, music teachers, and dealing songwriters. Chris features a guitar training book posted known as Journey To earth Guitar that is available in shops like Alpha musical, Barnes & Noble, or from their internet site. He also designs and offers music concept reference posters for guitarist. He was schooled at Tidewater Community university, Berklee College of Music in Boston, and Old Dominion University. He learned during the Darden class of Education. After 13 several years of university, Chris has two degrees. He could be an avowed Yoga teacher, worked as an audio/visual producer and professional photographer, as well as for a couple of years he was a sculptor.

Chris Kemp began their expert songs profession in 1981. He has got played extensively into the Tidewater location, in the streets of Boston, plus the train stations from London, The united kingdomt to Rome, Italy. The songs he performs includes over 100 original songs and nearly 200 great address tracks in several styles. Chris is constantly in search of brand new tracks which capture him melodically, are emotionally recharged, but interesting words.

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Job highlights:

1983 - Player mag captioned Chris Kemp's picture with "Best acoustic songs in Virginia Beach"

1989 - Aucoin control, just who was able KISS, Billy Idol, and Billy Squire, set their particular web sites on making Chris Kemp a rock star. Chris declined to signal the agreement.

1999 - 9Volt Magazine honored Chris Kemp's band HERO with "most readily useful Cover Band of the Year" award.

2002 - Redeye circulation provided Chris Kemp's band Glue a record agreement. Chris Kemp declined the contract.

2011 - created the album, Bones

2012 - Produced the record, Cherries & Pits

Student Testimonials:

"i am uncertain what number of Wednesdays are kept before I leave for university, but it is very few. I'll sincerely miss electric guitar lessons, but I thank-you immensely as you've created a basis for me personally to continue to understand and grow on my own...something really valuable in all aspects of life." - Cole 2012

"Thanks a lot plenty for concept these days - i am truly amazed and impressed and also have started your guide. My groping little fingers don't possess confidence yet (definitely!) though I must say that clamping my hand as you showed me personally has already aided my whole arm remain calm, and I realize will induce nutrients!" - Joy 2012

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