AT&T To Open Signature Store

AT&T Store Virginia Beach

1880 N Congress Ave
Suite 110
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
(561) 732-1114

Compared to every other cell phone retailer I have ever been to, this place was amazing. Went in to get a new iPhone and now I can't stop singing their praises. The process of buying a phone can often be a toilsome one - jargon nobody understands, contracts, weird payment options, a gauntlet consumers are expected to brave. But not here, amazing customer service, quick, accurate, friendly, and I got a new phone for the new year in under 30 minutes, are you kidding me? Highly recommend this place.

The store deserves -5 stars. I have been with AT&T over 10 years every time I go to the store I end up with additional charges on my bill which were added at the time of purchase without my knowledge; it is happened at least three times. For this reason I have not gone there in over three years. I sent my daughter and son there today just because of the geographical location. The salesman had a very heavy accent, was difficult to understand and was trying to sell her something that was actually more expensive than the phone she wanted. Because she wouldn't agree he told her she was being rude and walked away told her to go find another sales person. My son spoke to a manager who was equally unhelpful and told my son and daughter that they were being rude! Because they wouldn't buy the bigger, more expensive product they were considered rude?Since when do you walk away from a paying customer?I'm appalled by the lack of customer service at the store.

Had an appointment right when they opened & three customers still went before me. Then when I tried to establish my business account i was told it can't be done on Sunday's which they didn't tell me when I first made the appointment.

The employees are clueless. Terrible experience. They are super slow. Took me an hour to buy two internet devices. You realize again that these stores are doomed to fail when you compare your experience at an apple store. Try a different att store if you really need to go to one.

I don't even want to give the one star because they don't deserve any. I went in to buy a simple flip phone for my parents, I figured they don't do smartphones or fancy stuff, a simple flip phone will do. I explained all this to the girl that was assigned to me and she quickly pointed out some phones. I told her I did not want to pay any fees or anything so she sold me a $15 go phone that could be added to my monthly bill. Cool... I leave and at that moment I call my dad down in Miami and tell him I bought him a phone, and he says my sister just bought them one that morning. Ok?... I go back to the store the day after, and the simpleton (female) that looked like she didn't even want to be there looks around and tells this clown-faced other female to help me. We walk to the counter and she tells me there's a $35 restocking fee. WHAT??? The damn phone costs me $15 and I have to give you another $20 to take it back??? Does that make sense to anyone?? The not-so-smart clown-faced female with a dumb smile on her face as if she's saying something cute states this is the store's policy. I am furious! My husband asks for the manager and this dopey looking guy comes up, my husband tells him the issue and very nonchalantly says there's nothing he can do. My husband says something to the effect of At&t would rather lose a customer over a stupid thing like this than to overlook the restocking fee, to which dopey answers "you would leave us for$20?" And my husband says "on principle alone." And basically the manager just repeats his previous statement. WOW. This store is the worse because nobody takes the time to tell you a dumb little thing like a restocking fee but they are quick to hide behind their store policy. My contract is up in June and I'm GOING TO VERIZON!!

I am shocked at the poor customer service and nasty attitudes. The manager Tony (heavyset guy with a nasty scowl) is a rude obnoxious man. I was told by the AT&T corporate that I could do an early upgrade on my phone and called this store where I was assured that they would accomodate. After and hour in the store I was told they could not help me. The manager did not come to discuss this with me. After hours of frustration I went back to ask for a discount on a case to make up for my wasted day and Tony was not to friendly. If you are a store manager learn some customer service skills. I will not be going back in there and advise that no one else should.

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