Women s Western Wear

Western Wear Store in Virginia

2832 Dorr Ave
Ste B
Fairfax, VA 22031
(703) 971-7555

If you are looking for a pair of great looking boots at an affordable price point, do yourself a favor and check out this place. This place is boot heaven with far more interesting variety than what you can find at the mall. Found a beautiful tan pair of Luccheses, placed an order and received in less than 2 weeks. Very friendly staff, great service!

I originally went WJ Colt to browse and perhaps replace a pair of 12 year old off-the-shelf Justins I wore in college. After a long and educational conversation with the shopkeeper I ordered a pair of Lucchese Classics. The Classics arrived before the projected timeframe and they were a perfect fit to my feet. They fit so well that I subsequently ordered two more pairs of Lucchese Classics from the same man. The shopkeeper whom I dealt with did not attempt to upsell me at all which I greatly appreciated. He simply asked what I was interested in and demostrated the various construction methods of several manufacturers. WJ Colt offers a positive shopping experience for those interested in western styled boots.

Wonderful customer service. Were very patient and helpful while my husband and I tried on every boot and hat in the store. 5 stars hands down!!

I couldn't decide what size to go with for boots I had already purchased, so I went to this store with a different size on each foot for some help. The owner told me to try using insoles with the bigger boots and I tried them and they were perfect! I didn't realize this shop existed otherwise I would've just gone there to buy the boots rather than ordering them online. Great little place. Will definitely go back.

I have been wanting to buy a new pair of boots for several months now. Being new to the area I had no idea where to go. A nice young lady at DSW across the street sent us here to Colt W J & Co Outfitters. This is a great little gem. From the moment I walked in I knew I was in the right place. They had a great selection of boots, and they owner and his wife are very happy to help with anything and everything I needed. I can see myself going back to this place several times to get my "western" look back.

I did another review about Bull Run boot store in Manassas. I want to say there is a night in day difference in selections and most of all customer service. I went in to Colt W J & Co, and was immediately assisted in finding a great pair of boots. I didn't care what they cost, but knew what I wanted. I will be back here.

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