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A boycott of Trump Winery products at Wegmans has caused just the opposite effect: Five of the wine varieties have sold out at the two Richmond-area Wegmans stores.

“Both Midlothian and Short Pump (stores) have sold out all five of the Trump wines we carry, ” said Jo Natale, vice president of media relations for Wegmans. “They will be replenished when they are available, possibly three to four weeks.”

The grocery retailer’s eight other stores in Virginia also either have sold out of all or have sold out of some Trump Winery varieties, she said.

The Wegmans store in Charlottesville, for instance, is out of the Trump Winery Chardonnay and Trump Winery Sauvignon Blanc, but it has three other varieties still available. “That store had a larger inventory because they’ve had a big demand right along — probably because of the location, ” Natale said.

Rochester, N.Y-based Wegmans sells five varieties from the Trump Winery, including Trump Winery Meritage and Trump Winery Sauvignon Blanc, at its 10 stores in Virginia. The chain sells 237 Virginia wines from 58 wineries at its stores in Virginia.

About 300 members of the Prince William County chapter of the National Organization for Women made plans last weekend to pressure Wegmans to stop carrying products from the Charlottesville winery, the Washington Post reported.

Since news got out about the potential boycott, sales of Trump Winery products at Wegmans have soared this week. The company had bottles on its shelves and back-up inventory in the stores before the sell-out, Natale said.

“Our role as a retailer is to offer choice to our customers, ” Natale said. “For various reasons, we are sometimes asked to stop selling a product. Our response is always the same, no matter the product: How a product performs is our single measure for what stays on our shelves and what goes. Individual shoppers who feel strongly about an issue can demonstrate their convictions by refusing to buy a product. When enough people do the same, and sales of a product drop precipitously, we stop selling that product in favor of one that’s in greater demand.”

Wegmans has been carrying wines from Kluge Winery (now Trump Winery) since 2008. When Kluge Winery was sold in 2011 to Donald Trump, the chain continued to offer its wines under the Trump brand.

The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control carries six varieties from Trump Winery. Of the 364 ABC stores in the state, 69 stores carry at least one Trump Winery product.

At four Richmond-area locations, store stocking reports show that sales of the Trump Winery products have remained pretty much the same over the past week, Virginia ABC spokeswoman Valerie Hubbard said.

Sales of Trump Winery products increased 107 percent for the fiscal year that ended June 30 compared with the prior 12-month period, the agency’s records show. ABC sold $167, 650 worth of Trump Winery products, or 7, 837 bottles, ranking it No. 5 in wine sales at its stores.

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