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Thrift stores in Richmond Virginia

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Along with Fantastic Thrift (its sister location), Family Thrift is one of my favorite thrift stores in the RVA area. It has tons of aisles of very inexpensive items with new items being added constantly. Also, older items are marked down in price (sometimes multiple times) if they don't sell. This is a legit thrift store, so come prepared to hunt and to encounter crowds. Also, there is no dressing room!

Lots of selection and everything was well marked! They were adding many items while we were there, which was awesome to see.

I LOVE this place! I'm a big fan of thrift stores and they had so much! I walked away with 13 items around $40. Will definitely be going back!

This is one of my regular go-to stores (owned by the same folks that own Fan-Tastic Thrift). Prices are low and they even have sales and markdowns on stuff that's been taking up floorspace too long. Have scored an oriental rug for $10, a $400 side chair for $10, a vacuum cleaner for $7 and numerous other stuff over the years. BTW, this is on the part of Midlothian closest to downtown, not out in the Southside burbs.

As a life longer thrifter, this place encompasses just about everything a thrift store should be. I stumbled upon this place after visiting a string of others that were seriously overpriced. I mean let's be frank, a K-mart brand ratty old T-shirt should not be $5. At Family Thrift you'll find better T-shirts for much better prices! Their furniture prices cannot be beat!

Small selection of housewares and furnishings, but the prices can't be beat! Also, the staff were very helpful and the store was very clean and well-lit. If you want to see my full review, check out my blog:

I scored a sweet pair of vintage lime-green lamps here for only $14 bucks! How awesome is that!! I like this place ok - well enough to stop by if I'm in the area after a visit to FTLOJ thrift, but I don't go out of my way to go there. In the back of the store is a counter, behind which another store operates. I think it's called unique boutique. But I'm not sure. It has more ethnic pieces and also great vintage kitchen ware.

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