Business plan for thrift store

Business plan for Thrift Store

antiques shopThe last few weeks I’ve been thinking a LOT about opening up my own antique/thrift store some time in the near future. I don’t know what’s been getting into me lately (I think this baby not coming out is driving me crazy!), but at this moment I’m totally and utterly OBSESSED with figuring out how it all works. Even though I’m 99.9% sure I wouldn’t be good at it ;)

It all started the other week when we went to the beach. We drove by this awesomely old house for sale in this quaint little town, and on the property right next to it was a barn converted into some sort of antique shop. I thought to myself, “How bad ass would THAT be? Own an old home in the countryside and then set up shop 10 feet away with your own store? That would be tight!” I even came up with a mental list of all the reasons why I should do it.

Pros to Owning Your Own Store

  • It would be FUN!
  • I’d get first dibs on all the best deals out there
  • I could sell all my own stuff SUPER easier and faster ;)
  • It’s a fun adventure and a dream to cross off the list.
  • I’d get proficient in a totally new business.
  • I’d learn the ins and outs of selling stuff online, like on eBay (which I’d do concurrently from selling in the physical store)
  • I’d meet an entirely NEW set of people! (Buyers, auctioneers, collectors – an entire community)
  • I’d make a lot of money! Probably not as much as I’d want, but enough to make it worth it.

I didn’t think about it too much following the trip, but every weekend that passed got me thinking again. I’d been going to yard sales and flea markets like CRAZY lately, and every time I stepped into one of them the idea of owning my own shop would pop right back into memory again. Especially this last Friday when I came across some killer deals at our local thrift store. I had no need to pick any of them up for myself (one being a 1948 old Singer sewing machine w/ table in perfect condition!), but I kept thinking that if I had my own shop I could totally scoop ’em up and then double – or even triple – the price to flip a profit! And it would be exhilarating finding all those bargains too!

The next morning I set out again to hit up my routine flea markets and yard sales I’d pass along the way, except this time I pretended I already had my own place :) I learned that if I did that sometimes, I can get a better sense of what it would be like “in the real world” if I were to ever really pursue the dream. Kinda like how I did before blogging full-time: I’d wake up some work days and pretend all I had to do that day was blog and keep up with the business to gauge how I’d truly feel about it.antiques for sale If I got excited right off the bat, I’d know it was a dream worth fighting for! And if I instinctively cringed, well, it probably meant that it wasn’t the best of ideas.

Tips on Where to Get Your Merchandise

So I step into the community flea market where about 30 different people have their own square areas to hawk their goods, and the entire time I’m walking around thinking “What should I pick up for my store today?.” Right off the bat I was excited!! It sounds silly, but again – it works. So much so that THIS time I actually say my dreams out loud! haha…

I come across this guy who was selling a few old baseball cards and antiques outside of his van, and we randomly start up a conversation.
I had told him it had been years since I’ve collected these kinds of things myself, but I want to “get back into the game” now, and I was kinda sorta thinking of opening up my own shop in the future. Coincidentally enough, he was too! In fact, he’d been collecting stuff like crazy over the past year and a half, and was moving onto the next item on his list of finding that perfect real estate. All at the ripe age of 52 :)

(If you’ve ever seen the movie Larry Crowne, this guy was exactly like the character Cedric the Entertainer played – feisty, boisterous, and had no problem selling you anything and everything he could possibly get his hands on! He was literally selling his kid’s artwork they had made 20 years when they were 5 :) Only this guy didn’t set up shop on his front lawn all year long like in the movies.)

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