A store selling Boy Scout

Boy Scout Store Virginia

5234 Port Royal Rd
Springfield, VA 22151
(703) 321-4836

Of course this store has 5 stars. I don't think it will everyone anything less. WOW, is the perfect word to describe this store. This is located in the Ravensworth Shopping Center on Braddock Rd. If you have a kid in the Cub Scouts, Webelos and Boy Scouts, you have to without question visit this store. It's amazing. Growing up I was a member of all three. Just walking through the door brought back a ton of memories of all the fun and all the things I learned. From camp outs, to helping needy people to making new friends. I go to Ravensworth Shopping Center a lot because it's close to home and had seen this store many times. I decided to go on in a take a look. It opens at 10am Saturday and I got there a couple minutes before and there were people waiting for the store to open. Entering I was nicely greeted. This place is a model for customer service and they truly follow the Boy Scout Motto. You couldn't ask for a more friendly and dedicated staff. They set a fine example for every scout that walks in the door. I can't begin to tell you everything the carry, so let's say this, if it's officially licensed scout item I would bet money this store has it. It's a nice sized store laid out well. There are dressing rooms for trying on uniforms of which they have many. They sell book on scouting and on every merit badge you can get. Even projects to get merit badges. For camping they have it all. Even Boats!!! The prices on backpacks, tents and stuff is a little higher than say Walmart but the quality is far better. It was fun to watch the kids in the store run from area to area showing their moms and dads all the things they would like to have. When I was younger I use to go to Sears for my scout stuff and what Sears carried doesn't even come close to this. Also what's nice it has all the local patches already on all the shirts so no need to sew if you buy your stuff here. This is the only store like this in Northern Virginia and worth the visit if you have kids in scouting or if you were a scout to rustle up some fond memories.

Very helpful staff and they have everything we needed in stock. I'm a new den leader and they helped me with a lot of stuff, and they sewed all of our patches on while we waited.

Great store. Clean and well organized. Lay out is smart and plenty of scouts to help and for check out. Have never had a problem. It can be crazy trying to get the right stuff but they can help. It's the go to place.

One of the best and largest Scout Stores I have ever been to. Very well staffed, I went on a monday afternoon around 5PM, and I counted at least five staff members on the floor. They had everything one would be looking for in terms of scout stuff, uniform items, camping gear, pinewood derby, etc.

Outstanding store, filled with quality Scouting gear and extremely helpful staff! Can't recommend enough!

This is one of two BSA scout stores in the Washington Metro area. One is in Bethesda, MD at the NCAC headquarters, this one is the other. They just doubled the size of this store by taking over the store next door so it is more than twice the original size. It has absolutely everything you need for scouting (and a ton of stuff you really don't but will end up buying anyway.) The other thing to know is this store also acts as the closeout and clearance center for the NCAC so you will find some unbelievable deals on stuff. The staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable.

The staff here is so helpful and friendly. Great selection. Every time I go, I wind up buying all kinds of cool stuff I didn't expect to find! Especially nice place for finding gifts for Scout leaders and other volunteers.

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