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Dicks Sporting Goods Springfield VA

Springfield Town Center
6601 Springfield Mall
Springfield, VA 22150
(571) 255-6367

I really like this sporting goods store. Nothing but good customer service from the cashiers and knowledgeable sales representatives so I would certainly recommend this store.

Every job I worked as a young man has been retail related; specifically in health and fitness. Since 2001 I've Worked at several different clubs and studios in the fitness dep

We came the other night to look for a workout machine hoping someone could help guide us or show what they have in stock. My husband and I waited and had to go get an employee to ask for help. The gentlemen said, "okay no problem. We will find someone to help you". 45 minutes later and still no one came. The employees need to learn about customer service, and follow up on what they tell their customers. I felt like most of the employees were there to just socialize and not actually work.

I was in there twice yesterday and walked by several different workers and managers not one ask if they could help me. I was shoe shopping and their scattered into several different departments. With construction wouldn't u you think they'd be trying harder to help customers. WRONG ! Then at checkout big line and one poor girl working. Finally got someone else who must not plan on helping long didn't even turning light. I remarked customer service wasn't lime Gainesville, Va store be said that's cause there not busy like us. Not even poor customer service No service

Dick's is my go to store for Caps, Nats and all things athletic gear. They have the best selection of women's exercise gear and tennis shoes. Customer service, when you can find an associate, is pretty good and this store is new so it is well-organized and clean. What I like about Dick's the most is that they have everything. If it's related to a sport or an sport accessory odds are that you can find it at Dick's.

I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to return/exchange some skates that I purchased from their online store. Their online store sent me the wrong size. They did not have the right size in stock so I ordered them, again, in the store. Because of the inconvenience, I asked if they could arrange expedited shipping. They couldn't, but Roy (who I assume is the manager or at least have management authority) asked me if there was anything else I needed in the store that he could discount for me. I picked out a really cool helmet that cost around $30 and he took $20 off! I thought that was really cool. Roy was also really helpful with helping me try on skates to make sure I ordered the right size and helped me try on and pick the right helmet for me. I had an awesome experience correcting an error the online store made.

I bought some weights in there the other day. I was also looking for some Redskins jerseys but they didn't have anything. So close to football season and they had nothing. They said that they should be getting jerseys in shortly. Oh well I'll catch them next time. Thanks again for the weights.

Based on my visit at 8:00pm on Tuesday 10/18/16. If I could leave negative stars, I would. I've been coming to this particular location for the past year, and have spent a good amount of money on golf equipment and accessories. I've also spent a decent amount of time hitting balls in the golf simulator room to try out new clubs with no interruptions, and have had good conversations with store associates and pga professionals, when available (note: I've always walked out with purchased merchandise). However, tonight after spending 10 minutes in the simulator room, a white male store employee with a mohawk type haircut walks in and asks if we were doing ok; we replied yes, and explained that my friend was trying to sample a few irons to purchase his very first set. The employee walks away; perfect as I'm a scratch golfer and probably could help my friend just fine. Five minutes later, the same guy comes into the room and states that if we exceed 10 more minutes, they would have to charge us $20. Since when? 1. There was no sign stating charges were applicable. 2. No time limit stated anywhere. 3. No customers waiting to use the room (the store was virtually empty) 4. We weren't being rowdy I told him I've never been approached with such incompetent customer service, and that this "rule" was b.s. He said they normally don't enforce the rule but are deciding the enforce it today. I told him that's absurd, and ignore him to hit a few more balls. Then a short chubby young white guy claiming to be the manager comes by and restates the $20 rule as my friend is asking me advice while hitting an iron. Not once did the employees ask how we liked the clubs, remotely try to help us or convince us to purchase an item. Isn't it their job to try to make a sale? (instead they were chatting in the corner amongst themselves while we were hitting balls) I explained that I've been purchasing items from this locations for some time, and that he would be losing a valuable customer should he continue to harass us. He clearly didn't care and proceeded being an incompetent prick. I hit a few more balls and and he intently watched expecting me to shank one (haha); dead straight and pure. I left the two dozen golf ball boxes I had in my hand for purchase on the shelf and proceeded to walk out. Not sure why he was following me and my friend? I turned around and asked for the store manager, and he claimed he/she was not in; understandable as it was 8:20 which is near closing time (9 or 9:30). I'll be contacting him/her to explain how rude and incompetent this so called "manager" was, and why the store lost a customer for life. The store name "Dicks" clearly speaks for the golf section associates and their service at this location. I'll be purchasing my golf equipment and accessories from GolfSmith or Golf Galaxy from here on out.

Went here on a Saturday and was helped by a employee named Ben. This guy was awesome, very helpful, friendly and engaging. The other employees were also helping, best experience I've had at a sporting goods store. I use to go to Modells, but I'll switch stores to Dicks. Thanks Ben!

I understand that this is a newer store so the expectation of the staff, the customers and the managers is that there is a higher standard than the surrounding Dicks Sporting goods, but this location blows the Bailues Crossroads Location out of the water. Friendly staff, huge selection comparered. There's is a small hunting sectiin, huge fitness sections as well as different types of apperal. The customer service is higher than expected at a retail store. Given the choice of making the trip to Baily's Crossroads or Springfield Town center I have to say my trips are going to be to Springfield.

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