Virginia butcher shop

Virginia Butcher Shop

7205 Centreville Rd
Manassas, VA 20111
(703) 368-4331

VA Meat Packing in Manassas is a very common "butcher shop" known within the Latin community. Growing up in Woodbridge I always heard my parents and friends buy meat from "a little house in Manassas" but wondered where or what this place was. Now that I'm older and live in Bristow AND was hosting boxing fight night at my house, I figured 'Hey! why not serve Carne Asada to my guests!' I purchased 20lbs of flank steak at about $5.75/lbs plus 5lbs of Chorizo for about 25 people. The flank steak (pre-cut) was amazing! So juicy and tender but that could've just been the season I used. Anyways, this place is great. Fast service, great flank steak (I haven't tried the rest) and I guess the prices are good. My only gripe is the chorizo was EXTREMELY dry. It tasted like it was sundried prior to packaging.

I agree with another mentioning that someone should speak a reasonable amt of english, but thats even was the meat! we ordered 2 large tbone steaks, they only had frozen so we took it, what a mistake! it was one of the most bland dried out steak i ever had in my life, seriously . it was terrible, I will not go there ever again. good luck, maybe thats the reason for lower prices?!

Stopped in here after driving past it every day for 2 years for work. I'm really glad I did! Picked up 4 lbs. of beef ribs just to get a feel for how their meat is. They cut it exactly the way I wanted it and confirmed in both English and Spanish. I was the only gringo in there so some Spanish is needed but as far as quality of meat and price, you really can't beat it. I will definitely be coming back.

Weekends super busy. Expect to wait... Or call ahead... Meat Is clean and well prized

I just got home from this place and I have mixed feelings. First, nobody there spoke a single word of English. I could not explain what I wanted and ended up getting New York Strip because that is what they gave me after several minutes of trying to get ribeye steaks. They weren't rude about it, but I feel like somebody there should speak at least enough English that I could order what I came there for. Second, I asked for 2 steaks. 1.5" thick please. I got four steaks of varying thickness. The place seemed clean, no nasty smells or bugs. The meat looks to be much higher quality that my local Giant and the prices are great. I will try them again and maybe use google translate to print out an order they might be able to understand. I posted a picture of the receipt. $6.95/lb for New York Strip. I'll post more pics of the meat later, I'll update after we eat some of the meat.

La Carniceria ...fresh meat! "La carnicería" is the butcher shop. you can buy beef ("carne de res"), pork chops ("chuletas de cerdo"), veal ("ternera"), lamb ("cordero"), steak ("bistec"), ribs ("costillas")... and many other cuts of meat. The NY Strip is good quality and value priced. Get there early it goes rapido!

This place is great! Low prices, friendly, super clean, and usually super quick...on the weekends you might have to wait 10 or so minutes. I have been going here for three years and I refuse to get my beef/pork from anywhere else. They also have marinades, beverages, and rice/beans available for purchase. I usually get their rib eye cut, short ribs, chorizo and fajita steak cuts...I have never been disappointed!

Don't be fooled by the name. This is by no means a Butcher shop, nor do they have a real Butcher on site. I asked for pork belly to make bacon. What they gave me was frozen and rolled. There was good looking meat showing. Once I got home and unrolled it there was no meat! I got pork fat and skin. Guess I will be making pork rinds instead.

This is basically a butcher shop. It's no frills. You go in there. They have a counter. They have a dude at the counter and a menu of all the types of meats that are available that day along with the prices. You ask for what you want, they give it to you, you pay, you leave. That's about it. We've gotten some of the best meat we've ever had at this place. You can go to a buen gusto place and get prime rib at $30+ per pound if that makes you happy. We've gotten some fajita meat at Virginia Meat Packing, and it was tender, juicy, succulent and delicious.

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