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Head Shop in Virginia Beach

Drug Paraphernalia or Tobacco Pipes?
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Virginia Beach - Need a bong? Don't call it that, though, or the clerk will get angry and ask you to leave. It's a water pipe. And it's for tobacco only. That's one of the arguments George Morrison makes in his fight to sell them in Virginia Beach.

For more than a year, city police and a state trooper have targeted stores selling water pipes and other items they say are commonly associated with drug use. Morrison's son, Brian, got caught in the crackdown in June when he sold pipe screens in front of a trooper from his shop, Fatty Shack, in Bill's Flea Market on Virginia Beach Boulevard.


Home Email Register on October 20, 2001 at 18:02:36 PT:

I have bought from G13 and 17th Street Jester. I like glass art and I hope to take some classes to learn how to do it. I like to collect glass and i have some pipes and tubes in my collection. Just because crackheads use them that doesn't mean everyone who has a pipe smokes crack. If the U.S. is all about freedom then why are you infringing on my rights. I can understand crack and heroin and other chemically mixed drugs being illegal but marijuana is a plant that NATURALLY contains THC, the substance which gets you "high". Tobacco is more dangerous than marijuana and is legal. There have been no reported deaths of marijuana smoking. Listen to Morgan Heritage's song License and listen to what they have to say. We the People are sick of being bullied by the politicians who We elect. It's no secret that the Government makes money off of marijauna. Hopefully a pot smoker will be elected preisdent before I die. We need to stand UNITED and fight for our rights or leave and start our own country. Whats wrong with sitting in my living room and smoking a marijauna cigarette? I'm not hurting anyone. just think about it.

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hello, i was wondering if someone could give me
some info and outline for opening up a water tobacco
store, what are the red tape policies that i will face,
and what webpage or gov't agency webpage can you go
to, to find out the details about what is illegal to do and
what is not, thank u,

a so called war on drugs.
In America today, the so called war on drugs has turned into little or more so a laughing stock in reality. No matter what measures are taken, drugs will always be around, including its constituants; paraphenalia. I arugue this point all the time and see it even more often, I walk into a head shop, see and array of beaufiful art work, but i have to be hush hush, so that i may buy them. I can also walk into CVS, a family oriented drug store might i add, and see a whole isle of tobacco products, including rolling papers, pipes, pipe needles and cleaners, and cigarette holders, otherwise known as roach clips. Yes the laws are as vague as they get, and prejudicial. If a shop has '60's' style clothing, or 'Dead-head' posters and what not, it is automatically asumed to be part of some deep dark drug secret. Stop and smell the roses you beaurocratic morons, your fighting a pointless cause, as well as violating a first amendment right. Whats next, illegalizing house cleaning products because a few idiots want to get high?

Comment #2 posted by Spiderman on April 09, 2001 at 10:59:08 PT
Rene Magritte
ceci n'est pas une pipe

A pipe is a pipe so put that in your pipe and smoke it. Until it has residue from an illegal substance it should be legal to possess.if it has pot rediue who cares if it has crack residue then it's another story

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