Dress Shop Virginia Beach

1564 Laskin Rd
Ste 168
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 428-2627

The Bahama Shop is the reason why I do not have a credit card in my possession. Every time I'm there, I cross my fingers, close my eyes and will all of it into my closet. Please, just this once. And every time I open them, everything is still in front of me on the racks. It's just unfair. The Bahama shop carries tons of amazing brands like Free People and Frye. The staff are also wonderful and welcoming. I browse all the time without buying a thing (it is pricey) and they aren't annoyed whatsoever. So, until my dreams come true, I'll have to move the Bahama shop into my closet one piece at a time.

I LOVE Bahama Shop! All the girls that work there are so nice and helpful! And you can truly tell they love their job! And the clothes.. Well where do I start!? Bahama shop carries so many west coast brands you can't find in VB anywhere, which is great because sometimes it's hard to tell how things are going to fit just by looking at them online. They have just a variety, casual to dressy. They also have GREAT jewelry, purses, and shoes!

Susana Monaco, Bailey 44, Parker, Velvet, Citizens, AG, and so much more. I mention these lines just to give you an idea of some of the drool-worthy duds the Bahama Shop carries. Yes, this a higher end women's contemporary clothing boutique. And yes, it is absolutely awesome. I'm a boutique-shopping fiend, so whenever I have a bit of extra time in the 757, I always try to make a Bahama Shop stop. Such was the case this past weekend when I was on the hunt for a rehearsal dinner dress for a friend's wedding. I didn't need anything too fancy, but I needed something fashionable and flattering. When I walked into the shop, I was immediately greeted by one of the sales associates. Let me just take a moment to say, as a previous clothing boutique manager, this is one of the most important things I look for when shopping. If you can't acknowledge a customer when they first walk into your store, then you've probably lost that customer. At least, that's my opinion. So thank you, Bahama Shop, for providing the service I expect from an upscale boutique. The two women who were working were super friendly and helpful, and both brought me sizes while I was in the fitting room and gave me opinions when I came out in the potential dresses. I appreciated their help and luckily, I didn't leave empty handed! I scored a fantastic Susana Monaco LBD that is totally versatile - I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this one. After some recent disappointing shopping trips, this was a much-needed fashion boost! If I lived in VA Beach, this would be a regular haunt for me... but, alas, it remains a special treat during hometown visits.

Treat yourself (at least on occasion) to this high-end women's clothing shop. So many wonderful pieces to get excited about. They also carry a lot of premium denim. The clothing is a little pricier than I can afford, but sometimes I go in and find things on sale or just the right price. You are always welcome to look. I've never got that "you-can't-afford-this" look from the staff. The shop carries contemporary womens (not juniors) clothing, but the designs are more like juniors sizes (slim fitting, low cut and short). So go shopping on your "skinny" day. I wear a size 2 and I still feel huge when I'm shopping in there. You know what I mean.

Aaaaaaah, Bahama Shop. This is where I go to drool over high-end contemporary fashion deliciousness-most of which I can't afford, but a girl can dream, can't she? There aren't many boutique shops like this in Hampton Roads. Of the one's I've been in, I like Bahama Shop's styles the best-funky yet sophisticated, sexy yet chic whether you're 20 or 60. It's not a very big store but I love almost everything in there. They have a lot of hip designer denim-7 for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, etc.-and cool jewlery pieces and boots and shoes.

Maybe it's just me, but the name of this store was deceiving. I really expected Panama Jack style clothes-khakis, Bermuda shorts, Polo's and straw hats. Not so much. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Bahama Shop is a high end women's clothing boutique with an airy beach feel. The Bahama Shop carries mostly casual clothes, but does have a few dressier party pieces and some very cute dresses. True Religion jeans are a prominent feature in this store, which tells which end of the pricing spectrum we are on. In case you didn't get it, this place is pricey. A flowy summer top will run you around $100 and to be honest, I'm no fashionista, but I'd never even heard of the brand. But again, there are some cute clothes here and even a few shoes and accessories that are worth checking out, even if you don't have the major cash to shell out.

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