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Barber Shop Virginia Beach

5347 Lila Ln
Ste 114
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
(757) 366-0421

Very satisfied and highly recommended. all the crew here are filipinos which are very kind. Salute!

At least four highly - very highly - experienced Barbers. A great haircut, no hair on my collar after, a good price, and no obvious appointments to compete with. Romy is great. I will be back.

I've been getting my hair cut from Uncle Romy (not really my uncle - it's a Filipino thing) for over seven years now. From time to time I've had to get it cut elsewhere but the experience just doesn't compare. I walk in. I take a seat. I read the paper or play on my phone. When it's my turn he says, "Same as usual?" Then I'm out in 15 minutes. What I like about this place is that I can come in with my usual dress shirt and tie and walk out without a single hair on me because their trimmers have vacuums attached. My favorite moment here? I came in once late morning during the week and Uncle Romy was singing his heart out to karaoke. He just started a new song so I took a seat and enjoyed the entertainment. It's a Filipino version of Barber Shop. I love how all the uncles kick it together here. If Uncle Romy is out of town I'll let Uncle Conrad, the former owner, dice up my do. Those are the only two I trust. It's a great place for a cheap yet quality haircut and you get the neighborhood feel.

Such a wonderful experience to get your haircut here. Very homey. It's like having one of your uncles cut your hair. Location: it's not all the great and presentable but all businesses start somewhere and this is their start. Service: they cut like champs here also the barbers were attentive and very social. It being a military town, one barber is even retired Navy. Thank you for your service. Price: price is cheap and reasonable. Well worth it. If I'm ever back in town I will sure to stop by and clean up over here.

I take my 9 year old son each time, always happy with the results. They are very friendly and make my children feel very comfortable. Price is great, as well. Longest I've had to wait was five minutes.

New to the area and wanted to be able to know I'd get a nice fade. Went off other reviews and I was not disappointed. I felt immediately welcomed walking into the shop. The barbers are outgoing, relaxed, and nice people. Military-friendly barbers. The time for the haircut seemed to fly while talking to the uncles there. They got wisdom to share. I didn't get to see any of the uncles sing karaoke, so looking forward to that the next go around. Quick, simple, and I don't have hair all over me. Nice spot that leaves a good impression of the people here.

It's straight out of the movie coming to America. I got there right about 10:30 AM on a Saturday and was able to get in a chair really fast. As I sat there about a half dozen regulars saunter in and take their chairs near the back of the place. They brought in food and a lot of personality. The prices are insanely inexpensive for a barbershop and they are super friendly. I would have rated it a 3 of 5, but the fact it's so affordable is a plus.

It's time to add a star. This is now the only place I take my son for a hair cut. $10 is a bit more than the cost at the NEX, but, his hair does always look exactly how I want it when we leave and it's conveniently close to home. And as I mentioned in my previous review, they have the vacuum clippers, which are a must for little boys.

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