Photo of 17th Street Surf Shop

17th Street Surf Shop Virginia Beach

1612 Pacific Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 422-6105

Great service!! Went to buy skateboard for grandson's birthday. Ben was so awsome helping us make the right choice. I would highly recommend 17th Street for any skateboard stuff

Reason for 3 stars is that the customer service sucked. Not one person acknowledged my boyfriend and I until we were ready to check out. Would have given 5 stars because I loved the selection they have. Really cool place. Just wish the customer service was better. I will be back though

Best shop of its kind in the area. If you want junk go to the shops on the strip. You want the best, go into a shop where the boss obviously knows what surfers, skaters and, those who pose as either, want. Lol. Seriously though extreme quality in this shop. We were happy with our purchase and the price. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The store is clean and organized.. Glad my daughter found this gem..

More beachware than your heart may desire. Unfortunately 75$ for a pair of name brand gear is too much. Where this place earns its stripes is in the used surfboard catagory. I've purchased a number of them in the past and was satisfied in the prices and product.

Top notch service. This place had everything I was looking for and I had to pick up a t-shirt as well. Highly recommended for all your surfing and skating needs!!

This is 17th Street Surf Shop's flagship store-it's the biggest location, and has the most merchandise. Not trying to be a snob or anything but most locals don't wear the 17th Street branded shirts. That's considered kinda lame. I don't know why, but it's been that way as long as I can remember. You don't ever see people with 17th St stickers like you would with WRV. It's probably because 17th Street is more about gear than boards. However, if you're a tourist, I think it would be kind of sweet to have a t-shirt. That said, it's a GREAT place to buy clothing, bikinis, board shorts and accessories. They have a huge selection and carry all the common surf and skate brands. I like shopping here for my summer wardrobe. Sometimes, I'm lucky and get some great sales. If you are shopping for surf and skate items, you'll find everything you need here. It's one of the top surf shops at the Oceanfront.

This is probably the biggest and most well known 17th Street Surf Shop location. This store specializes in everything 'beachy' with swimsuits, surfboards, wake boards, sunglasses and more. I like coming in here when I come down to the beach just to look around and see what's in with the beach fashion scene. They also have skateboard items here and skate shoes if you're not the surfing type. I've always knows 17th Street to be the ultimate local surf shop. I've never had too much interaction with the staff but they seem friendly enough. There is always someone walking around that you can ask questions if you need help. I've seen the owner of the place a few times at this location as well - nice to know he stays involved with the shop.

The 17th Street Surf Shop has a good selection of different beach and surfer wear, as well as snowboarder and skater garbs. It's definitely a trendy place, but it doesn't feel pretentious. I almost always find a cool pair of sandals there, but I also found one of my favorite winter hats there as well (see profile pic). Another big thing for me is their selection of watches, which include some really nice Nixon watches, of which I am a big fan. The prices are reasonable, too, so I definitely recommend checking this spot out while you're down near the oceanfront.

My dreams of being a surfer started at this shop! I have been shopping here since I was a little kid and I still love it today. A really good place to shop if you are a surfer or skater and they carry all the popular brands. I've always enjoyed wearing the 17th Street logo items and bought a new hoodie to wear in Atlanta. The customer services is exceptional and I love and miss the VA Beach surfer lingo!

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