Pawn Shops in Virginia Beach

Pawn Shops in Virginia

9766 Fairfax Blvd
Fairfax, VA 22031
(703) 273-1437

When my watch battery died, I did an Internet search to find shops that could replace the battery. After inquiring at one place that proved to be out-of-line expensive, I tried the Cash Store. The individual who served me at the Cash Store was super nice and extremely helpful. My watch is once again working, and the price was very reasonable. A most pleasant experience!

Dishonest doesn't even begin to describe this place. I came in to sell (stupid I know) my DSLR camera the guy asked what I wanted for it I said 400. He takes, looks at it, and comes back and tells me he can give me 250 for it. That set off the first alarm because for new Canon Rebel T5i cameras they sell for 600, used are a little less than that but certainly not 250. I haven't had it for a long time and it's in great condition. I told him I think about it and come back. Today I came back to the store, I drive all the way there again (it's pretty far from where I live) and a different guy speaks to me and asks me how much I want for it. I tell him 300 because I feel that that's kind of reasonable. The guy who told me 250 was handling a customer right next to us and kept looking over at me. The new guy comes back and tells me he can give me 150. That on my own I can sell it for 300 or 350. Strange only about five or six days ago it was 250. I was about to bring up the fact that his coworker told me only days ago that it would be 250 but I decided it wasn't worth getting into. So I said, "No." (Which he turned around and said yes. I don't know what for whether to be snarky or not. ) I packed my camera and its accessories up and left. Admittedly it's stupid to sell to a pawn shop, but what I don't like is dishonesty. It doesn't seem like they have a 24 hour policy or whatever, if they did I think they would have said so. Don't go to this place or any other pawn shop, if you want to sell electronics do it on EBay or Amazon I believe they allow sells on their website too. Don't get cheated out of your money.

Glocks and Rocks... For my fellow second amendment supporters, you might understand how I was enticed to check out the firearms selection at the Cash Store. Glocks Skinny... In the market for a particular firearm, this location actually happened to have it in stock. (Pleasant surprise.) Although used, it was apparent that the firearm had only been fired a few times and was in great condition. Also, the prices listed are more "suggestions"... our salesperson, quickly adjusted the price. (A little shady or a ploy to appear that customers are getting a deal... maybe...) Overall, the pricing isn't amazing. We noted that we could purchase the same firearm new for just $50 more. Rocks Skinny... People who fell on hard times aren't selling their heirloom jewels here! Sigh-LOL If ever in the market for loose diamonds or jewelry, I'd skip this place. The Cash Store offered a limited, dated and overpriced selection. Plus, those rocks didn't sparkle at me like they do in other jewelry stores. (Clean them!)

From a customer service standpoint - these folks are awesome! They really went above and beyond to answer my questions. I was greeted right away when I entered the establishment. I had some pieces of jewelry from an ex-boyfriend I no longer wanted so I decided to get some cash for them. Transaction was quick, friendly, and I was out the door in less than twenty minutes. Although I didn't get what I thought the jewelry was worth - they were at least fair in offering what gold was going for at that time. They are a business too, so I understood from their perspective they needed to make money as well. I will definitely shop here again.

I came in with 17 odd and end pieces at 520 pm. Rodrigo was very helpful and took the time to go through each item and had to enter each item into the computer after the sale. Had a mix of gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones. Think I got a fair deal overall- probably 50% of what I paid which is better than most pawn shops. He was honest and very courteous. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for some quick cash and don't want to sell individually on EBay or Craigslist.

On February 8th, My mother went into the store around noon and was at the jewelry department. She was looking at the diamond settings. The clerk (white older lady between 40 and 50) She took off her diamond ring and placed it on the counter. She tried on the setting to see how it looked. My mom was having a conversation with her husband aka father. Two minutes passed and she noticed the ring was missing. When my my mom noticed it was missing the clerk and the manager just played dumb. The police was called and because of the incident my mom fainted. When the police asked to see the video tapes of the incident the manager refused and said it could not be seen till the following monday. My mom fainted and an ambulance had to be called by the police. The manager did nothing and just stood there same with the clerk. I rushed to see what happened to my mother and she was at the fairfax emergency hospital. The ring simply vanished. Fast forward a week later the police informed my mother that this place of business does not have video tapes that are working since December of 2013. Thats right a place that sells guns televisions and jewelry. They have done nothing to help this incident out. So as of now my mom is missing her 3, 500 diamond ring, she has gone to the emergency room and this place has no video surveillance. They refuse to cooperate with my mom or the local police.

After reading the great reviews I decided to stop here to pawn some old jewelry. It was a bit busy for a Saturday afternoon but I was greeted kindly. After handing over the goods the woman behind the counter asked what I had in mind for everything, and since I knew nothing I simply asked what was fair- I had some gold and diamond pendants, old diamond earrings and simple gold band. I actually was offered more than I anticipated, and after about 20 minutes for processing I walked away a richer woman. The shop is open and clean with various items to purchase. In addition to jewelry and watches, they have guns, guitars and even laptops and other electronics. Great experience, easy to find, friendly staff. If you're in the market for a quality pawn store definitely check them out! FYI there are no public restrooms (always good to know in my opinion :)

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