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Places to Shop in Springfield

Springfield's never short of interesting places to explore. One of my favorite pastimes is to find the fascinating curiosities otherwise hidden in all the fun things to do. Check out these five can't-miss Springfield attractions that are wonderfully unique and slightly offbeat.

The History of Hearing Museum, dedicated to preserving the history of things you may not have heard about

I'm not sure if it is the upside down tree in the front yard, the doll head, the disassembled hearing aids or the historical side exhibits, but something about this place brings me back again and again. The History of Hearing Museum will take you back in time, showcasing the era of the ear trumpet and ear horn to the modern age of remarkable hearing technology. This quirky and educational museum shares stories about how we lose our hearing and also displays body-worn and CIC aids as well as equipment that has been used to determine hearing loss.

"The Ear is the Road to the Heart." - Voltaire

It's a fantastic adventure guided by the kindly Mrs. Lorraine Brethower. If what Voltaire says is true, isn't it time to hit the road?

Learn Missouri's history and how Springfield's own Riverbluff Cave once housed a giant short-faced bear.

Springfield's Riverbluff Cave, its history and the amazing prehistoric timeline of the area are preserved in this amazing museum. The museum has a plethora of fossils from around the world as well as all the fossils from Riverbluff Cave itself. They actually encourage the public to come see first-hand the ongoing work being done by taking a tour of their lab and display area. This means you can help unearth one of the nation's largest triceratops, currently being worked on by the staff at Riverbluff.

Brace yourself for a fascinating, informative and possibly challenging experience to take the tour of the Creation Experience Museum. This attraction seeks to provide information to those interested in Biblical history, archaeology, biology, geology and even dinosaurs. Their belief in the Bible is emphasized throughout as God’s special revelation and the true history of this world and universe.

Whatever school of thought you adhere to, this museum is a terrifically unique stop with fascinating exhibits.

Pythian Castle, a Springfield original since 1913.

Springfield's very own castle isn't just historic; it's also certifiably haunted. Pythian Castle was originally built in 1913 as an orphanage by the Knights of Pythias. Later, it was owned by the U.S. Military for more than 50 years. In today's modern times, you can take history tours, ghost tours, partake in murder mystery dinners and enjoy a variety of holiday events.

When you go to the castle, be sure to ask Tamara about the little boy haunting the second floor who likes Christmas lights.

Clue Pursuit "locks" you and your friends in a mysterious room to escape.

Have you been searching for something to do with your friends? Check out a truly original experience, an hour and a half of sheer entertainment that requires you to be inside the mystery to solve it and escape the room. An action packed, humorous, and entertaining game to experience with your chums, relatives, or even your associates and classmates. Clue Pursuit is an amazing mystery attraction too good to miss.

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