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Barber Shops in Springfield

6111 Springfield Blvd
Oakland Gardens, NY 11364
(718) 224-9017

I take my 3 year old son there and he loves it. We've had 3 different people cut his hair because of scheduling and all of them have been great.

My barber was on vacation and I needed a quick haircut for an interview. I went to Boris and asked for a pompadour with a number 2 on the sides. I got exactly what I wanted. I was very pleased with my haircut. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Well, guys you know how hard it is to find a decent barber shop...I've been living in the area for about 1.5years now. I kept heading out to my barber spot in Long Island because I've been going to it for YEARS. Finally decided it was time to find a local spot closer to me. So I tried this spot out today and I was pleased. Walked in the spot was some what busy a few guys waiting for their favorite barber...There was one barber who greeted me right away... I don't know maybe he was the new guy.. anyway I sat down in his chair and he was quick and kept double checking his work, made sure I was good with how everything turned out. The base price for a reg cut was $14. I can't complain. I had a good time... also over hearing some of the BS and conversations was cool...started to feel like home =)

been going there for my regular cut every other week for over 10 years now and I love each & every time. Everyone is super friendly and greets you like a friend. Boris is excellent as everyone can see from how many regulars he has. When Boris is too busy or when I come in on his off day I go to Timmy who is just as good and just as knowledgeable. Everyone there has a ton of regulars so I'm sure everyone is on point with their skills. If you live in the area you should definitely give them a try.

Been coming here for 15 years. I have never experienced a bad haircut here. They're very clean, specific with their cuts and very personal. I am a regular and my barber Timmy has been cutting my hair for 5 years now. All the barbers cut very well. Good place for a cut. I believe it was 12 dollars for a regular haircut. Can't beat that at all!

I've been coming here for about 8 years on and off. Consistently for the past 3 years and I always go through Timmy. There were times when Timmy was not there because he has Wednesday and Thursdays off and I would literally try everyone but nothing compares to the hair cuts that what Timmy does hands down. All the barbers are all friendly, which is important for me to want to keep coming back. The only downside is they put on the News stations almost all the time and it sets a very down vibe kind of atmosphere. Who wants to watch negative information while getting a cut? Not me. I would strongly recommend either putting something sports related or funny on. But as for the haircut by Timmy, you can't go wrong.

Greg is the best has been cutting my sons hair for about 4 years now... He nails it everytime!!

I live in the neighborhood and my friend had taken her son here a few times so we figured it would be good for my son (who at the time was almost 2 yrs old). My son was beyond horrified of the sound of the buzzer and was crying and screaming and very difficult. Timmy was cutting his hair and was so awesome with him. But literally it took Timmy, myself, my friend and another barber to help soothe my son bc of the noise. Timmy was so patient and still managed to do a great job. I was so embarrassed that I didn't want to go back. My friend had told me that he had asked why didn't I come back for a while and she had told him how I felt. He explained to her that the more I come the less he would be afraid of the noise and become more comfortable. I was still reluctant but followed pursuit anyway bc inevitably he will have to get it cut again and his logic did make sense. After a while, just like Timmy said my son loves going to the barber. He gets excited bc when the cut is done he can get a lollipop at the counter. My husband has even started going to him bc he's impressed with the way Timmy does the cuts. He says it's very clean cut and straight. People always compliment my son on how great the cut looks as well. Everyone is nice in there and on the occasions when Timmy hasn't cut my son's hair, he's gone to Boris and Greg who have done nice cuts as well. Can't say enough great things about this place!

For the price, the cut is unmatched. I come here when I'm in the area because I have to pay twice as much elsewhere for a decent fade. Highly recommended.

I went to this barber shop after a long time. I moved out of the area and I met Gregg. Since then I always go here. Great service.

Timmy seems to be the most popular and consistent haircutter...

The place is alright, and certainly do have people that know how to cut. Just make sure to know what hairstyle YOU want. Otherwise they'll just tell you to do so next time and cut it however they would like. For the money there is value, but going in with indecisiveness is something that they HATE. And will rush your job to get to the next person if they know the next person is a regular. "Volume of regulars" over "convert one into a regular" I suppose.

I bring my teenage brother here all the time. When we first came here Timmy took care of my brother. Not knowing anything about mens haircuts i just told him to do his thing and was very pleased with the way he cut my brothers hair. Always consistent! :) Ask for Timmy!!

I love these guys. They always do a great job. I have my favorite people, but I won't wait for them. Everyone does a great job. I've tried other places: the one of 73rd and Bell SSSSSSCUCCCKKKKS! Don't go there. I gave them a few chances and they fcked it up every time.

My bf recently moved to queens from westchester and needed a new barber who can cut "Asian hair". He tried a Chinese barber on main st but was not a fan of it because the cut looked too. Asian?? Hahaha So I introduced him to Springfield Barber because I remembered that all my guy friends from high school went here to get their bimonthly cuts. I feel old as I realize this was 6-10 years ago..when the price for men's haircuts were $10 incl tip. Now the listed base price is $12 (which is still significantly cheaper than Asian babers/salons in the bayside/flushing area). [Why the constant reference to Asian barbers? The typical Asian male hair is extremely stubborn and difficult to work with. So unless the barber is familiar with this type of hair, he will mess up the cut. It seems that men are just as obsessive over their haircuts as women are conceived to be :) ] So I brought the bf over here on a Sunday morning and he was immediately seated with Timmy. I noticed Timmy's attention to detail as he occasionally checked the evenness of the back against the wall mirror. We were in at 10:30am and were out the door by 11:05am. This includes time spent chitchatting, and the last few minutes my bf spends to assess the cut and point out imperfections he wants fixed) Cut came out very nicely and the bf is satisfied. He'll be back, he says. :)

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