09SEP 2019

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Making your look fresh

A t-shirt is a special item of clothing, especially if this t-shirt is decorated with a photograph or a pattern that you chose for a personal fashionable look. Cool? We think so too. Thousands of customers who actively order t-shirts with photos for everyday wear, an exclusive gift and brand promotion also think so.

A simple T-shirt has long ceased to be underwear and has migrated to the list of obligatory wardrobe items, without which there is no comfort, mood and positive. That’s why lots of people search "custom t shirts near me mytshirtkings" in the Internet. Famous designers included the t-shirt in their fashion collections, constantly modifying its style, decor and experimenting with materials. But at the peak of popularity, classic t-shirt models still remain, the exclusivity of which is determined not at all by the brand, but by a bright print created according to their own sketch.

13FEB 2019

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Why having tatami is important for different sport sections?

Tatami is a special soft carpet made of synthetic material. In other words - it is a very large mat. This coating protects people against bruises, reducing the risk of injury to the athlete in the fall and jump to the floor. Tatami floor covered around acrobatic track. This is a prerequisite for training gymnasts of any level: professionals, beginners and Amateurs. Tatami should be laid in all sports sections and clubs. Even in the trampoline center there is a tatami area. Whatever is done, the guests performed the wheel, flip, twist - they can be confident in their own security. Also this mat is used in judo. During the struggle the boys can be hurt, but the mat takes the hit and the fighters do not receive dangerous injuries. You can order tatami puzzle judo on the Internet or buy it in a specialized sports equipment store.

9AUG 2017

How to Pick the Right E-Liquid

People start vaping for different reasons. Nevertheless, all vapers have at least one thing in common - all of them use e-liquids. As e-liquids come in different tastes, starting from classic tobacco to buckwheat porridge with milk, sometimes it becomes hard to decide what e-liquid is the most desirable. So that is why it is common to go from taste to taste. Nevertheless, there are more factors to consider, such as nicotine content and PG/VG content. So whether you are new to vaping or an experienced cloud chaser, the information below is aimed to help you to pick treats for your vape.

1. Focus on reputable brands

It is better to avoid buying cheap ones with handwritten labels from eBay. As the quality of e-liquid can influence your health, it is important to avoid homemade concoctions that may be harmful.

However, this does not mean that you have to focus on premium e-liquids instead of mainstream ones. Though premium e-juices have a richer taste, mainstream ones can become a good choice as well. In the most cases, such liquids are produced by serious businesses that have no need to produce you with low-grade products. So if a brand of your interest has a website, reputation, and documentation, do not be afraid of tasting its products.

2. Nicotine content

If you come to vaping because you want to give up smoking, it is important to choose liquids with enough of nicotine to avoid withdrawal symptoms. If you are new to vaping, you can start from 6 or 8 mg/ml. E-liquids that contain 12 or 24 mg/ml nicotine and become the best solution for those who are looking for much-desired throat hit. It is important to know that if you feel that you already overcome your nicotine addiction, try to minimize the nicotine content. If you never use nicotine, you simply do not need it. So focus on liquids with 0 mg/ml of nicotine.

3. PG/VG ratio

The amount of PG in your e-liquid is some kind of a taste indicator. The more PG usually means the richer taste. VG is associated with cloud production and throat hit. The optimal flavor is usually achieved in combinations ranging from 70% PG/30% VG to 50% PG/ 50% VG.

4. Flavors

Do not be conservative about flavors as you can lose the ability to fully taste e-liquid over time. It is called "vapers tongue". So try to change your liquids. The best thing you can do is to buy different tastes in one pack to be able to multiply tastes or to go from one to another. For example, you can try different fruity tastes and mix them if you want. To buy sublime fruity ejuice flavors, use code HAWK10 for 10% discount. If you do not know what flavor to choose, try to associate a particular flavor with edible products you have tried before.

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